Managed IT Services

We promise commitment and responsiveness to your business needs

Supported by strong relationships that we cultivate, our clients enjoy high levels of IT stability, security, and efficiency.

Clear Billing

Flat-rate billing that simplifies your IT management. Maintain confidence knowing that you'll continue to stay within budget.

24/7 monitoring

We continuously monitor your systems. All day, every day. When any IT problem arises, we’ll be on top of it before you even notice any impact to your business.

User support

Assisting with the day to day business needs. We’re here when you need us. Enjoy unlimited support from our team of experts.

IT strategic analysis

Whenever you need to talk about the future, we’ll be there. We listen carefully to understand your issues and make preparations to support your business goals. Then, we work closely with you to build a road map that tightly aligns with your objectives and cost constraints.

Network maintenance

We’ll build, supplement, reinforce, maintain, and manage your entire IT environment—including servers, workstations, wireless, and Internet.

Documentation & inventory

We capture detail information about all of your tech assets and document all relevant aspects of your IT infrastructure. Most importantly, this enables us to preemptively identify and mitigate technology problems.

User Support

The world’s best IT guy, at your service

We’re only a phone call or email away. Consider all of the user support services that we offer.

Technical Assistance

Have a thorny technical problem, or are you having trouble working with a software application? We’ll come alongside to show you how to do it, or find a solution for you.

Onsite and remote support

Got an issue or unsolvable problem that you can’t solve remotely? Contact us and we’ll respond quickly to get you back on your feet.

Mobile devices

We’ve got the know-how to configure any and all of your business mobile devices. If any device is lost or stolen, you can direct us to immediately lock or erase your device.

Device replacement and upgrades

When it is time to upgrade any of your computers, servers, printers, or other devices, we’re ready with a range of cost-effective and high-end equipment to meet your specific requirements. We’ll handle all necessary software installations and updates, transfer all data from older devices, and ensure everything is running optimally.

Antivirus, backup, and security

Give us the tedious job of keeping your devices secure, protecting your systems from viruses, and hardening your systems against all types of malware. We’ll manage frequent data backups and restore specific data if necessary—so that you can be confident knowing that your critical information is protected.

Device management & maintenance

Have peace of mind in the knowledge that our monitoring software keeps close watch on each of your devices—24 hours a day. We receive alerts and act on any fault or failure so that we can minimize or eliminate any impact to your operations.

Server and Network Support

We closely monitor your critical IT infrastructure

Many organizations that experience an operational IT failure realize that they had been neglecting their servers. Maintenance and modernization is important to keep your business running smoothly.

Server setups and upgrades

We have quality hardware ready to replace and upgrade your on-premise server. Or, we can migrate the apps and data from your server to the cloud—an economical way for leveraging high-performance, on-demand computing.

Maintenance & Monitoring for all servers on your network

Partner with us to ensure that your systems are running optimally—day and night. We’ll inform you when any component on your network is faulty, before it becomes a failure point in your infrastructure.

VPN and remote access

Do you need secure and reliable remote access to company data? We’ll configure a remote connectivity solution for you that is easy to use and works every time you need it.

Firewall and network security

We have a number of security products, services, and solutions that will harden your infrastructure and make it highly resilient to external threats.

On-premise and cloud services

We support all major on-premise and cloud-based computing resources. We can help you decide what is best for your business.

Reliable Wireless Access

Get wireless connectivity that is right for your budget. If necessary, we can build a high-capacity solution that provides reliable service and fast access speeds.

Email and Cloud Services

Realize the power of the cloud

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get better remote connectivity, higher security, and significant cost savings by migrating your email, calendar, contacts, and documents to the cloud.

Office productivity applications

Moving to an Office 365 subscription will ensure that you’re always using the very latest version of Office products. Optionally, you can choose to automatically receive security and feature updates during non-working hours.

Global Accessibility

With Office 365, you’ll have access to your company data from anywhere—on any device. With and Office 365 subscription, you’ll also enjoy more flexibility when we deploy productivity software to your mobile devices.

Disasters and recovery

In addition to the many other benefits, you can also rest secure knowing that a power loss won’t impair your ability to continue running your business—since all of your communications systems and documents are safe in the cloud.

Email setup and migration

When you’re ready to make the move, we’ll consult with you to understand your needs, present various options, and then recommend a solution that fits your environment. We work hard to seamlessly migrate your existing data, then assist users with configuration, access, and training on the new service.

Enterprise-Grade Email Services

Want better access and greater reliability? Make the easy move over to the same email service that many hospitals and doctors trust for managing patient data. With Office 365, you get peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and always accessible from anywhere.

Software compliance

Eliminate another source of stress when you centralize all of your software license management and ensure that you are in legal compliance with software licenses. It can be easy to monitor and manage all of your user licenses, with a readily accessible central dashboard that also gives access to details for each license.


Communicate Effectively

Address the most important aspect of your business - communication. We're ready to implement an array of solutions that best fit your business and people and tailor solutions to improve communication in your organization. 

VoIP Phone Systems

Since we’re familiar with the flexibility of various VoIP systems, we’ll help you decide which phone system solution that best matches your budget and the features that you want. We handle the implementation, hardware installation and configure all of the call settings. We’re at your service to assist with the selection, purchase, buildout, and ongoing support.

Instant Messaging

For some business relationships, email is inadequate. With some of your colleagues and partners, you may find the need for instant communication. HonIsT can help you implement an instant messaging solution across your entire business and train you how to use it.

Persistent Chat

With solutions such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, keep your teams in close communication with a persistent chat solution. Communicate instantly—with individuals or in groups. Maintain a readily-accessible record of your chat text, and resume conversations intermittently over long periods of time.

Video Conferencing

Visual collaboration is an essential, tactical element of business success. It provides direct, interactive human interaction, increases productivity, and reduces costs. HonIsT can help you explore and choose from among various options for video conferencing—whether it’s at your office desk, on your phone, or in the boardroom.

Desktop Sharing

Need to review documents with your colleagues? We’re ready to configure a solution that’s best for your business and train your staff on how to use it effectively. If necessary, we’ll help you explore the benefits of Skype for Business or GoToMeeting.

Advanced Reporting and Insights

HonIsT can help you implement and configure cloud-based reporting for your communication tools, so that you can clearly see how well your staff is collaborating.

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