What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider(MSP) can serve as a complete IT department for your small business. An MSP provides your company with the expertise and business continuity that you need, focusing on maintaining a healthy computer network. Since an MSP operates on a monthly subscription fee, there is strong incentive to ensure that your business enjoys maximum uptime and encounters few problems. As necessary, your service provider should give you solid user support with solutions to technical inquiries or requests for assistance. An MSP is entirely different from a “break-fix” IT shop, which collects fees only when you have an issue. HonIsT has always followed the MSP model, because we always keep the best interest of the client in mind.

Is HonIsT Solutions a Managed Service Provider or a break-fix business?

HonIsT Solutions is a Managed Service Provider and does not operate as a break-fix business.  We’re active, engaged and solving problems before they turn into big problems. 

Why would I choose HonIsT Solutions over another MSP?

We are highly responsive to any critical issue. You call, and we’re right on top of it. When you need new equipment, we’re ready on-the-spot to quote, purchase, configure, move data, and install all necessary software. Then, we camp out with you to thoroughly test it all. Growing? Office move? We’ll handle all the details: secure your Internet service, transfer phone and telecom services, and relocate all of your tech infrastructure to your new location. Anytime you need us, we’ll be there. Fully engaged. Ready to help your business flourish.

Wouldn't I be better off having an IT Professional as a full-time employee in house? Why would I want to use an outside partner?

There are some advantages in maintaining in-house technical staff resource, but there are many drawbacks to consider. Here, we list only a few of the constraints that a small business must contend with to support and in-house IT team:

  • Cost – It costs considerably more to employ IT staff full-time.

  • Skills – Technology continues to move fast, but it is frustratingly too common that many in-house IT staff eventually become complacent and do not stay current with their knowledge and skills. After acquiring proficiency with your infrastructure, many technical professionals do not venture beyond what is necessary to maintain existing systems. This shackles your business to legacy technology and methodologies.

  • Scale – An MSP is much more adept at helping you scale your tech along with your business. Whether you are growing or downsizing, we can help you quickly adjust resources and costs to accommodate your new level of demand.

  • Continuity  — An MSP does not take vacation or sick time. A dedicated MSP won’t leave your business exposed or vulnerable because of some career advancement pursuit. A solid MSP is here for you. Today. Tomorrow. And next year.

Do you have various plans to choose from?

We offer three plans that we call HonIsT Care that includes varying degrees of support.

Silver – Server Support

Gold – Server and Remote Help Desk

Platinum – Server, Remote Help Desk, and Dedicated On-Site Support.

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How does HonIsT Solutions price HonIsT Care?

Silver – Per Virtual Server

Gold – Per User

Platinum – Per User

*Per month and charged on the 1st

Find out more about HonIsT Care

Can I be charged more than my fixed monthly rate?

We charge a discounted hourly rate for all work that is performed outside of the scope of your silver, gold, or platinum plan. Project work in any tier is an additional charge.

Can I pre-pay for time that would fall outside of the scope of HonIsT Care and receive a discount?

Yes, we offer 50 or 100 hours of “block-time”.

What would be considered “Project Work”?

Anything that is a move/change/add of your network and systems. Unless specified in silver, gold, or platinum.

HonIsT Solutions is a managed IT, network, security, and systems infrastructure consulting services specialist firm for small and medium business offices. Your best local outsourced IT department that offers personalized technology solutions for you.