Business Communications IT Services in Reading, Lancaster, Allentown, Philadelphia, Berks, and surrounding PA (Pennsylvania) areas.

Communicate Effectively

Address the most important aspect of your business - communication. We're ready to implement an array of solutions that best fit your business and people and tailor solutions to improve communication in your organization. 

VoIP Phone Systems

Since we’re familiar with the flexibility of various VoIP systems, we’ll help you decide which phone system solution that best matches your budget and the features that you want. We handle the implementation, hardware installation and configure all of the call settings. We’re at your service to assist with the selection, purchase, buildout, and ongoing support.

Instant Messaging

For some business relationships, email is inadequate. With some of your colleagues and partners, you may find the need for instant communication. HonIsT can help you implement an instant messaging solution across your entire business and train you how to use it.

Persistent Chat

With solutions such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, keep your teams in close communication with a persistent chat solution. Communicate instantly—with individuals or in groups. Maintain a readily-accessible record of your chat text, and resume conversations intermittently over long periods of time.

Video Conferencing

Visual collaboration is an essential, tactical element of business success. It provides direct, interactive human interaction, increases productivity, and reduces costs. HonIsT can help you explore and choose from among various options for video conferencing—whether it’s at your office desk, on your phone, or in the boardroom.

Desktop Sharing

Need to review documents with your colleagues? We’re ready to configure a solution that’s best for your business and train your staff on how to use it effectively. If necessary, we’ll help you explore the benefits of Skype for Business or GoToMeeting.

Advanced Reporting And Insights

HonIsT can help you implement and configure cloud-based reporting for your communication tools, so that you can clearly see how well your staff is collaborating.