Our Main Focus is Customer Success

Invest in your people and work efficiently

Employees that are inhibited by inefficient work environments and unproductive tasks tend to be unhappy workers. For them to achieve personal productivity—and collaborate effectively for your business—they need proper tools and resources to do the best job possible.

When your employees know they are making a real difference, they will strengthen their commitment to your business. Employees that invest fully into their work are more likely to find satisfaction in their effort and deliver quality work. A critical part of enabling your employees is to assess their needs and provide them with high-value tools and technologies that will meet those needs.

To keep your employees productive and happy, you need to support them with stable IT equipment and systems that continue to operate smoothly—with very little downtime. Idle time spent waiting for desktop diagnosis and repair—or waiting for a network to come back online—is very frustrating and unproductive. Employees must then replan around this outage and waste valuable time that could be spent working. This directly affects the profitability of your business.

Today, work in most industries is conducted on some type of device, system, or network. Consequently, it’s important to ensure that you have solid IT service and support. When you invest in dependable resources and partner with a services provider that immediately mitigates your IT issues, you and your staff can spend more time running your business. Your IT services provider should provide equipment and services that minimize downtime, and should offer you the option of round-the-clock support. With HonIsT, the solution to any problem you have is only a phone call away.


Choose an MSP that is driven by customer success

An IT company should also be able to provide you with a comprehensive consultation on how to plan for growth when it comes to your technology. If you succeed in creating a best-place-to-work company, chances are you will grow more rapidly. When that happens, you’ll want to know how your technology infrastructure and assets will hold up.

While there is no magic bullet for turning your business into a great place to work, taking steps to ensure your employees have the technology they need to do their jobs well goes a long way. Creating a great place to work means ensuring that you have solid IT and software in place to help them do their jobs.

Clear communication

At HonIsT, we communicate with our customers in a way that most effectively provides a resolution for their most pressing IT issues. Our approach is: You talk, we listen, and then we take action! We conduct ongoing health checks with each customer to solicit feedback on our services, discuss any changes to the business and gauge whether existing solutions remain in proper alignment with future plans. Isn’t that what you want in an IT services provider?

Position your company for success

Price is important, but so is service. Paying less for poor support doesn’t make sense, and getting less than you expect isn’t a bargain at all. Your MSP partner should provide 24/7 monitoring and support, understand your business industry well, and help you reduce costs with responsive support and technology that is suitable for your needs.

We firmly believe that technology, when it is employed carefully and deliberately, will convert your business ideas and plans into sensible solutions that will help you achieve your goals and operate more efficiently.

Choosing the right MSP partner can help you do all of these things and even more. CONTACT US at info@honistsolutions.com or call 484-272-7240 and begin discovering how HonIsT is the best IT partner for your business.