Assessing the Real Value of IT Managed Services

Maybe it’s time to ask some questions of your managed service provider.

Performing and tracking the various essential tasks in a typical IT department often seems like it requires an army of people. Many such companies enlist the help of managed service providers (MSPs) to share the load and get the benefit of outside expertise. Though an MSP may be providing good value, the additional costs will often be seen as a bright blip on the radar of some managers. Leaders will frequently scrutinize MSP relationships to verify that their services continue to be necessary and prove valuable to the business.


If your company is considering how you might engage the services of a MSP, there are several important questions that you should carefully think about and be ready to ask. We recommend that you insist on getting clear and confident answers to the following questions before you make a decision to move forward:


  • To what extent will the provider enable you to remain more competitive?

  • How quickly and effectively does the MSP assist your company in adopting the latest technologies—and avoiding technologies that you don’t really need?

  • Down what path will the MSP lead you in converting your business to optimize your applications, be more cloud-centric, and be increasingly digital?

  • What will the MSP do to provide your staff with necessary transparency into IT issues—and avoid overburdening you with distractions?

  • How, exactly, does the MSP identify and repair problems with your IT infrastructure, optimize your environment, and inform you of system problems?

  • How will the MSP minimize your security and compliance risk exposure, keep your data secure, and recover your data in the event of a disaster?

  • How will the MSP provide clear evidence of the value that you will receive from their services?

There’s no one to blame, really, if most discussions about managed services focus mostly on the short-term tangible benefits of less costly IT services. Potential  customers—and cost-conscious existing customers—generally want the best deal possible—more IT service leverage for the lower costs.


Nearly all managed service providers understand this very well, so they’re always ready with presentations on comparative analysis–ready to show how each of their deliverables and services will cost less than their competitor offerings. Clearly, this narrow focus is the result of commoditizing IT goods and services.


To be done well, managed IT services can’t be viewed as a commodity. IT infrastructure supports nearly all operations in a modern business. Transactions, sales, marketing, innovation, product development, and communications are all built upon an IT backbone, which enables a company not only to be competitive—but thrive. It’s no exaggeration to claim that the very existence of any modern business enterprise depends fully on the health of its IT infrastructure.

What’s the actual value of an MSP to your company?

Any business with IT systems should fully consider hiring a trustworthy managed service provider. The questions given above should be the start of the search for a MSP. A thorough evaluation is very important, because IT is critically important to your business. Though IT largely operates in the background for most people, the reality is that IT plays a very large role—and in many cases a critical role—in your organization. Stop and take a few moments to think about how important it is to find the right MSP partner to optimize this critical part of your business.

Could you benefit from a HonIsT and trusted friend?

Managed service providers such as HonIsT Solutions don’t just hide the mess, they actually keep all things IT in good running order—by implementing the best tools, experience, and practices. Highly effective MSPs also provide your company with a competitive edge by increasing your operational efficiencies, recommending faster technology, and improving communications. To learn more about how we can pursue your business goals by improving your IT systems and processes, contact us at or call 484-272-7240.